Youtube Channel Slider

Inauguro la sección de WordPress Plugins con este primer plugin, al que he llamado Youtube Channel Slider.

No puedo adjudicarme todo el mérito de la programación del mismo, ya que está basado en

Funcionamiento del plugin:

Extrae las capturas (imágenes) de los vídeos presentes en un canal de youtube y las presenta en formato slider o carrousel.

Aquí dejo una captura con la ventana de configuración.

Plugin Youtube Channel Slider

Plugin Youtube Channel Slider

Advierto que esta es una versión inicial y aún faltan por corregir algunos detalles.


Actualización (18-nov-2011):
Ya está el plugin subido al repositorio oficial de WordPress, así que quito el enlace para la descarga y dejo el repositorio de WordPress.


  1. vincent dice

    Hello, Thanks for putting so much effort into making this plugin. but there seems to be a little problem. it’s not working.

    i’ve tried it on several installs, and i have asked others to try it, and it doesn’t work at all.

    i’m looking for a plugin like this, so i would like to ask you to take a look at it. it would be awesome if you could make it work again!

    thanks in advance,


    • shafie dice

      Sajhu, en el readme.txt tienes las instrucciones de como utilizarlo.
      De todos modos te las menciono aquí de nuevo:
      1. Simply place `< ?php if (function_exists('ycs_show')) echo ycs_show(); ?>` in your theme.
      2. Add the shortcode ‘[ycs]’.
      3. Using widget.

  2. punc dice

    Hi, looks like a very nice plugin. But causes an error while activating on WP 3.3.1… Do you plan to develop it further on for the new version of WP?

    • shafie dice

      Please, could you give me more details, because I have it working perfectly with WP 3.3.1, perhaps it’s some problem with other plugin.

  3. dice


    I a refering to the Youtube Channel Slider.

    Is it possible to make it so that when you hover over the video thumbnail it shows the video title?



  4. dice

    We were using this plugin for quite a while with no problems on – today I did some updates bringing the site up to 3.6 – and it’s stopped working entirely. I'[ve tried disabling other plugins but haven’t had any luck…. any ideas?

  5. Gabor Miglecz dice

    Hi, your plugin is very cool.
    Just some ideas:
    1. I think ability of show multiple rows would be very useful (for me at least :), I’d like to show a video-wall-like page with many videos and less paging.
    2. more option, to show/refer youtube playlist(s), not only a channel
    3. more than one instances of the plugin, [ycs-1], [ycs-2] etc, to serve more channels or playlists
    4. easy customization of lightbox and generated content’s colors, width, etc.
    5. the plugin as a free one is more than perfect, the more pro, more comfortable “future version” would worth some money for many of us, I’m sure.

  6. dharma dice

    Thank you for the plugin. I have two questions:

    1. Can I change the background color of the slider ina a widget? I have a dark background in my theme so this white background in the slider doesn’t look nice.

    2. When I open the slider there is {pp_social} writen below the video. What does that mean and how can I get rid of it?


  7. eng dice

    I found solution for show playlist ID:

    and in options write playlist ID (not user ID).
    Check my website:
    Thanks for plugin :)


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